Announcements / 03.31.22
An Open Letter in Support of Transgender Youth and their Families
Out@Broad, the LGBTQIA+ affinity group at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and members from the Broad community (listed below) support gender-affirming care for transgender and gender-diverse youth, as it is undeniably beneficial for the health and well-being of these youth and their families.

Out@Broad, the LGBTQIA+ affinity group at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and members from the Broad community (listed below) support gender-affirming care for transgender and gender-diverse youth, as it is undeniably beneficial for the health and well-being of these youth and their families. Major medical associations in the United States, including the American Medical Association, the Association of American Medical Colleges,  the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, have established that gender-affirming care is evidence-based, clinically-sound, and in the best interest of transgender and gender-diverse youth. To claim that it is a form of child abuse not only directly contradicts the recommendations of the medical community, but it also puts transgender youth in danger.

Transgender youth face the risk of discrimination due to their gender identity, as well as worsened mental health and an increased risk of attempting suicide due to discrimination. According to The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization which supports LGBTQ+ youth in crisis, more than half of transgender youth seriously considered attempting suicide in 2021, and that risk decreased substantially when transgender and gender diverse youth were able to change their name on their legal documents, had their pronouns respected, and had access to spaces that were affirming of their gender identity. The same survey showed that the mental health of 94% of LGBTQ+ youth was negatively impacted by politics in the past year. This includes new legislation and court orders which prevent transgender youth from accessing gender-affirming care and remaining with supportive family members.

Mislabeling gender-affirmation as child abuse only compounds the challenges faced by transgender youth and their supportive families. To investigate the families of transgender youth attempting to support them and act in their best interest puts these youth at risk of physical and psychological harm. It also poses the risk of placing an undue burden on already overwhelmed foster care systems if there are no other family members who can care for these youth. Attempts to ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth are much closer to child abuse than supporting transgender youth will ever be.

We stand with transgender youth, their families, and the providers who have committed to providing gender-affirming care. There are individuals across the United States arguing in the name of freedom and personal liberty. Transgender youth accessing the gender-affirming care they require is a personal liberty. Their ability to be themselves and live their lives has no bearing on the livelihoods of any other person. We ask that they be allowed their livelihoods without interference.


Acknowledgements: We would like to extend our gratitude by acknowledging the following individuals for their affirmation and support of Out@Broad and the importance of gender affirming care. 


Delia M. Sosa, MS, Co-Chair of Out@Broad, Clinical Data Specialist (they/them)

Sky Rubenstein, Senior Software Engineer (they/them)

René Salazar, Chief Equity Officer, (he/him)

Rebecca Ganey (She/Her)

Tesserae LaSalle Process Development Associate of Genetic Platform (They/Them)

Sarah Noe, Associate Director, People Operations (she/her)

Erin Gwozdz (they/she)

Benjamin Zola, Clinical Project Manager (he/him)

Whitney Wade, Administrative Lead (she/her)

Rachael Ivison, Data Management Specialist, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research (she/her)

Kai Feldman, Software Engineer (she/her)

Jess Frith, MAIA, Communications Lead (They/Them)

A. Nora Long, Community Engagement Operations Specialist (she/her)

Barbara A Hill, Senior Software Test Engineer (she/her)

Thom Cleland, Laboratory Operations Supervisor (he/him)

Zan Koenig, Associate Computational Biologist (they/them)

Susanna M. Hamilton, Sr. Graphic Designer, Office of Communications (she/her)

Rocky Stroud II (he/him)

Trang Nguyen, Associate Computational Biologist (she/her)

Indrani Mukherjee, Manager, Stewardship Communications (she/her)

Kelsey Tsipis, Development Writer 

David An, Senior Principal Software Engineer (he/him)

Trevyn Langsford, Senior Software Engineer (he/him)

Lena Joesch-Cohen, Associate Computational Biologist (she/her)

Michelle Campo, Agile Delivery Lead (she/her)

Micah Rickles-Young, Computational Associate (he/him)

Thouis R. Jones, Senior Computational Scientist, Group Leader (he/him)

Jack Warren, Software Engineer (he/him)

Rebecca Asch, Senior Software Engineer (she/her)

Emily DeLeskey JD, Quality Assurance Specialist (she/her)

Margaret Lea Robinson, Research Associate (she/her)

Erica Colwell, Senior Admin Assistant (she/her)

Bryanna Haskell, Compensation Analyst (she/her)

Melissa Chiumiento, Social Media Content Manager (she/her)

Genevieve Brandt, Product Support Specialist (she/her)

Ashley Matthews, Senior Grants and Business Specialist (she/her)

Jasmine Li, Research Associate (she/they)

Justin Presley, Principal Network Engineer (he/him)

Kiara Westbrooks, Software Engineer (she/her)

Ashlee Earl, PhD, Institute Scientist, Senior Group Leader, Bacterial Genomics (she/her)

Brian Cleary, Broad Fellow (he/him)

Margo Emont, PhD (she/her)

Lori B Chibnik, PhD, MPH, Associate Member (she/her)

Bruce Boring, Operations Manager (he/him)

Benjamin Cooley, Visualization Software Engineer (he/him)

Naomi Ostriker, Research Associate (they/them)

Amber Carter, Laboratory Operations Manager (she/her)

Sabrina Dobbins, Research Associate (she/her)

Kristen Doucette, Research Associate (she/her)cait

Elliot Boblitt, Project Manager (she/her)

Lee McGuire, Chief Communications Officer (he/him)

Imani Boykin, Community Engagement Specialist (she/her)

Adam Slamin, Process Development Associate (he/him)

Kevin Middleton, Video Communications Specialist (he/him/his)

Alexandra Stanton, Graduate Student (she/they)

Nate Shepard, Research Associate (he/him)

Robbee Wedow, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (he/him)

Kaylee Mathews, Science Writer (she/her)

Greta Pintacuda, Research Scientist (she/her)

Abhishek Aditham, Graduate Researcher (he/him)

Teresiah Kahura, Analyst (she/her)

Kyra Raines, Research Associate (she/her)

Shivani Chinnappan, Project Coordinator (she/her)

Priyanka Bhakhri, Clinical Research Coordinator (she/her) 

Spike Kitowicz, Logistics Supervisor, (he/him)

Caitlin E Carey, Postdoctoral Associate (she/her)

Yolanda Botti-Lodovico, Policy Lead and Technical Writer (She/her)

Andrea Toochin, Associate Director Operations & Budget (she/her/hers)

Kristy Schlueter-Kuck, Computational Scientist (she/her)

Caitlin Ingelfinger, Assistant to the Director (she/her)

Jordan Safer, Software Engineer (he/him)

Devishi Kesar, Associate Computational Biologist (she/her)

Sean Butler, Accessioning Technician (he/him)

Alexis Bevilacqua, Team Leader, Office of Sponsored Research (she/her)

Tawanna Johnson Esq., Contracts and Research Agreements Associate (she/her)

Craig Nash, Senior Research Scientist (He/Him)

Shelagh Donahue, People Partner (She/Her)

Nathan Rodriguez, COVID Operations Specialist (he/him)

Nathan Haywood, Research Associate (he/him)

Anton Kovalsky, Senior Science Writer (he/him)

Emma Gallagher, Process Development Associate (she/her)

Angel Garza Reyna, Research Associate (he/him)

Brendan Ettridge, Senior EHS Programs Specialist (he/him)

Miguel Franco, Research Associate (he,him)

Ann Emmith, Associate Director of Research Informatics (she/her)

Matt Hetzel, Security (he/him)

Renée Pelletier, Genetic Counselor (she/her)

Corrie Painter, Deputy Director Count Me In (She/Her)

Jack Pellegrini, (Associate Product Owner)

Emi Ling, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (she/her)

Nicolas Malfroy-Camine, Senior Principal Software Engineer (he/him)

Anna Silverberg, Director of Individual giving and Strategic Initiatives (she/her)

David McKinney, Senior Group Leader (he/him)

Maxwell Slingluff, Process Development Associate (he/him)

Jorge Gómez Tejeda Zañudo, PhD, Computational Scientist (he/him/él)

Amelia Weber Hall, PhD, Research Scientist I (she/they)

Megan Sheeran, Research Associate (She, her)

Priya Pillai, Software Engineer (she/her)

Hai-Tsang Huang, Postdoctoral Associate (he/him)

Kara Slowik, Senior Project Manager (she/her)

Gillian Mackay-Smith, Associate Director, People Resources and Project Management (she/her)

Jenna Ballard, Associate Computational Biologist (she/her)

David Vilinsky, Senior Operations Specialist (he/him)

Iris Peng, Research Associate (she/they)

Barbara Diaz Rorher, Postdoctoral Associate (she/her)

Erin LaRoche, Clinical Laboratory Manager (she/her)

Becky Kuzma, Principal Agile Coach (she/her)

Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Scientific Director, Vertebrate Genomics (she/her)

Laurie Doe, Product Manager II (she/her)

Kathleen Irving, Project Manager (she/her)

Kristine Movalli, Senior Administrative Assistant (she/her)

Allie Cliffe, Senior Science Writer (she/her)

Katie Pelham, Research Associate II (she/her)

Noorshifa Arssath, Clinical Research Coordinator (she/her)

Emma Folkerts, Genetic Counseling Assistant (she/her)

Alyssa Ozimek-Maier, Senior People Partner (she/her) 

Ally Kim, Associate Computational Biologist (she/her)

Serena Larew, Administrative Assistant (she/they)

Andrew Zimmer, Director, Product Engineering (he/him)

Chelsea Hoover, Principal Software Engineer, DevOps (she/her)

Elizabeth Roberts, Research Associate (she/her)

Ian Yannuzzi, Research Associate (they/he)

Andrew Hudak, Research Associate (he/him)

Zoe Mandese, Clinical Laboratory Supervisor (she/her)

Kathleen Tiibbetts, Director, Product Engineering (she/her)

Sarah Burris, Research Associate (she/here)

William Hagerty - Sr. Financial Administrator (he/him)

Justin McMahon, Senior Research Coordinator (he/him)

Priya McCue, Sr Director, Development

Yanjie Qiu, Research Associate (they/them)

Mary Davis, Associate Director, Broad Initiatives Finances (she/her)

Sara Balch, Associate Computational Biologist (she/her)

Faith Taliaferro, Research Affiliate (she/her)

Sarah Meyrick Zukoff, Senior Research Administrator (she/her)

Allison Hands, Research Associate (she/her)

Francesca Sheedy, Product Support Specialist Supervisor (she/her)

Rebecca Reichel, Project Coordinator (she/her/they)

Jane McIninch, Project Manager (She/Her)

Casey Marchek, Clinical Research Coordinator (he/him)

Michael J. Horgan, Product Support Specialist (he/him)

David Wollensak, Research Associate (he/him)

Taylor Cusher, Clinical Project Manager (she/her)

Eric Chen, Data Manager (he/him)

Rigo J. Lara, Logistic Assistant (He/Him)

Jennifer Loutrel (she/her)

Audrey Muscato, Research Associate (she/her)

Bryn Loftness, Research Associate (she/her)

Alec Wysoker, Principal Software Engineer (he/him)

Neil Omaque, Senior Research Associate (he/him)

Emily Rezendes, Counsel (she/her)

Andrew Jang (he/him)

Daya Mena, Research Associate (she/her)

Ayanah Dowdye, Clinical Research Coordinator (she/her)

Tina Kane, Senior Principal Systems Administrator (she/her)

Amelia Bell, Accounts Payable Specialist

Mariella Waddington, Senior Coordinator (she/her)

Elizabeth Wood, Visiting Scientist

Joana Quintal, Sr. Manager of Broad Special Events (she/her)

Katherine Lafferty, Genetic Counselor (she/her)

Orr Ashenberg, Associate Director, Computational Biology, KCO (he/him) 

David Graykowski, Research Associate (he/him/his) 

Raymart Dumo, Procurement Assistant Intern (He/Him)

Claire Magnani, Postdoctoral Associate (she/her)

Eva Mair, Director, Operational Transactions Counsel (she/her)

Liz Gaskell, Associate Director, Gene Regulation Observatory&Epigenomics Program (she/her)

Tammy Lan, graduate student

Jacqueline Dron, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (she/her)

Simon Zhang (he/him)

Miriam McNerney, Research Associate (she/her)

Ryan Webb, Research Associate (he/him)

Quincey Justman, Scientific Director (she/her)

Storme Felty, Process Development Associate (he/him)

Andrea Chong, Senior Research Administrator (she/her)

Geraldine Van der Auwera, Director, Outreach & Communications, DSP (she/her)

Jennifer L. Crotty, Ed.D., Director, Human Resources (She/her)

Ricardo del rosario, Computational Biologist (he/him)

Maria C. Costanzo, Ph.D., Creative Lead, MPG Portals (she/her)

Gary Martin,  Supply Chain Technician (He/him)

Susan M. Richards, Mgr., Indirect Procurement (she/her)

Patrick T. Ellinor, MD, PhD, Director, Cardiovascular Disease Initiative (he/him)

Jessica Picone, People Partner
Sarah Dilworth, Supervisor, People Operations 

Jillian Serrano, Clinical Project Coordinator

Terrance Shea, Senior Computational Associate

Adam Brown, Application Engineer (he/him)

Anthony Losada, Sr Product OWner (he/him)

Riana Pozsgai, Research Associate (she/her)

Gisselle Vélez-Ruiz, PhD., Associate Director, STEM Engagement and Inclusion (she/her)

Jeffrey Tarascio, Senior Grants Administrator, Office of Sponsored Research (he/him)

Robert Thomas, Security (He/Him)

Jacob Herman, Program Manager, Academic Affairs (he/him)

David Corbin, Director, Campus Security Operations (he/him)

Deirdre Sheehan, Operations Manager (she/her)

Michelle Cipicchio, Associate Director of R&D, Genomics Platform

Abraham Z. Cheloff, MS, Research Fellow and Senior Medical Student

Ilan Small, Clinical Data Specialist (he/him)

Elizabeth Brydon, Research Associate (she/hers)

Gennifer Greenberg, Research Associate

Jeanne MacLellan, Facilities (she/her - proud Aunt of they/them)

Elena Berg, Visual Interaction Designer (she/her)

Melanie O’Leary, Principal Clinical Genomics Specialist (she/her)

Angela Page, Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (she/her)

Mariya Atanasova, Research Scientist, Center for Development of Therapeutics (she/her)

James Fontaine III, Research Associate II,  Microbial ‘Omics Core (he/him)

Bridget Simonson, Research Scientist (she/her)

Samantha Graffam, Manager, Comparative Medicine Facility (She/her)

Colleen Nguyen, Manager, Community Engagement (she/her)

Sofia Lombana Rengifo, Research Associate (she/her)

Keenan Holmes, Alliance Manager for industrial collaborations (they/them)

Danielle Azzariti, Genetic Counselor (she/her)

Yufan Wu, Associated Researcher (she/her)

Edyta Malolepsza, Computational Biologist, Genomics Platform

Michael Howard, Comparative Medicine Supervisor (He/Him)

Emily Hanna, (she/her)

Felecia Cerrato, Associate Director, Neurobiology Projects, Stanley Center (she/her)

Sarah Gibson, Principal Application Security Engineer (she/they)

William “Ned” Martenis, Research Associate, Stanley Center Therapeutics Group (he/him)

Andrew Nelson (he/him)

Kylee Degatano, Software Product Manager, Data Sciences Platform (she/her)

Jacob Smigiel, Research Scientist, Cancer Program (he/him)

Tera Bowers, Associate Director, Portfolio Management, Genomics Platform (she/her)

Emma Bulman, Clinical Process Development Associate (she/her)

Laura Fleming, Computational Associate, Genomic Platform (she/her)

Avinash Sahu, Research Fellow, Cancer Program (he/him)

Moriel Singer-Berk, Senior Clinical Genomics Variant Analyst (she/her)

Nina Farrell, Project Manager II, Gene Regulation Observatory (she/her)

Jonn Smith, Principal Software Engineer, Data Sciences Platform (he / him)

Elizabeth Grinkevich, Senior Research Associate I (she/her)

Faith Karklin (she/her)

Nikkita Salla, Research Associate (she/her)

Brian Libby, Associate Director, IP (he/him)

Sosie Yorki, Associate Computational Biologist (she/her)

Pamela Hamada, 320C Building Manager(she/her)

Melissa Lapasaran Grillo, Manager, Sponsored Research (she/her), 

Meg Kuhn, Process Development Associate, Genomics Platform (she/her)

Michael Wilson, Associate Computational Scientist (he/him)

Danielle Ciofani, Senior Director Data Sciences Platform (she/her(s))

Samantha Velasquez, Senior Product Support Specialist (sher/her)

Helam Ayano, HR Coordinator, Onboarding and Broadie experience (she/her)

Louis Bergelson, Senior Software Engineer, Data Sciences Platform (he/him)

Kayla Bendinelli, Research Associate (she/her)

Dania Zaiter, Clinical Process Development Associate, Genomics Platform (she, her)

Tiffany Mitchell, Recruiter (she/her)

Timothy Tickle, Head of Scientific Partnerships, Data Sciences Platform (he/him)

Sara Bonner, Product Manager, Data Sciences Platform (she/her)

Harpreet Singh, Software QA Engineer, Genomics platform (he/him)

Wanda Cordova, Senior Advisor to the Chief Financial Officer (she/her)

Susanna Hamilton, Senior Product Manager, Genomics Platform (she/her)

Beth Cimini, Senior Group Leader, Imaging Platform (she/her)

Katey Falvey, Administrative Assistant (she/her)

Alexandra Forman, Research Associate (she/her)

Alana Folsom, Senior Internal Communications Specialist (she/her) 

Edmund Higham (he/him), Senior Software Engineer 

Rachael Barzey, Senior Financial Specialist(she/her)

Tenzin D Sangpo, Senior Research Associate, PRISM (She/her)

Andrew Reidenbach, Research Scientist II (he/him)

Ellen Nguyen (she/her)

Kunsang Gyaltsen, Process Development Associate II (he/him)

Samuel Lee, Machine Learning Scientist II, Data Sciences Platform (he/him)

Allessandra DiCorato, Science Writer (she/her)

Ellen Winchester, Independent Contractor (she/her)

Jackson Lirette, Research Associate I (he/him)

Ana Foley, Senior Engagement & Operations Specialist (she/her)

Leah Eisenstadt, Senior Science Writer (she/her)

Khoi Pham, Associate Computational Biologist (he/him)

Beth Connolly, Associate Director, Business Development & Licensing (she/her)

Catherine Gaitanakis (She/her)

William Phu, Associate Computational Scientist (he/him)

Lisa Pringle, Recruiting Coordinator (she/her)

Kirsten Levandowski, Senior Research Associate II, Stanley Center (she/her)
Katie Liguori, Senior Administrative Assistant, Kidney Disease Initiative (she/her)

Chelsea Dutra, Process Technician (she/her)

Amanda Kedaigle, Computational Scientist, Stanley Center (she/her)

Kayla Ortiz, Research Associate (she/her) 

Kevin Sun, Research Associate (He/Him)

Jacob Lemieux, MD, DPhil, Affiliated Scientist

Steven A. Carr, Senior Director of Proteomics (He/Him)

Greg Polumbo, Principal Software Engineer (He/Him)

Maura Hofstadter, Director, Academic Affairs (She/her)

Joshua T. Smith, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate (he/him)

Alexandra Ham, Research Associate (she/her)

Ally Day, Process Development Associate (they/she)

Corinne Williams, Associate Computational Biologist (they/them)

Clare Malone, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Fellow (she/her)

Jun-Rong Wei, Ph.D., Director of Strategic Operations, CISID (she/her)

Katherine Wilkins, Process Development Associate II (she/her)

Catie Ramnarine, Process Development Associate (she/her)

Kristyna Kotynkova, Research Scientist (she/her)

Ricky Magner, Computational Scientist I, Data Sciences Platform (he/him)

Scott Sassone, Manager of Video Production (he/him)
Alexander Baumann, Director, DSP Solutions Engineering (he/him)

Dongkeun Jang, Principal UI Designer/Developer (he/him)

Jenn Cronin, Senior Recruiter (she/her)

Kyle Vernest, Head of Product Management, Data Sciences Platform

Anita Vrcic, Senior Team Lead Compound Management (she,her)

Amit Choudhary, Assistant Professor (HMS), CBTS (he/him)

Sean Scarbrough, Research Associate II, Compound Management (he/him)

Mike Pellitteri, Process Development Associate II (he/him)

Jordan Wood, Clinical Genomics Variant Analyst (they/them)

Savvy Cornett, Graduate Student Affiliate & Previously Research Associate I, Stanley Center Therapeutics (they/them)

Kyle Pacheco, Clinical Laboratory Process Development Associate II (he/him)

Patrick Heng Clinical Laboratory Process Development Associate III (he/him)

Tania Hernandez, Community Engagement Specialist at Count Me In (she/her)

Allison Dougherty, Manager of Social and Visual Media (she/her)

Dan Shore, Chief Financial Officer (he/him)

Liam Alec Stenson, Clinical Process Development Associate I (He/Him)

Ben Mantarian, Business Manager, Large Alliances (He/Him)

Shae Marks, Software Engineer (she/her)

Whitney Luken, Senior Project Manager, Data Sciences Platform (she/her)

Esha Jain, Computational Scientist (she/her)

Samantha Baxter Eicher, Associate Director, Data Sharing, Translational Genomics Group

Eric Morin, Postdoctoral Fellow (he/him)

Kimberly Sisley, Mgr, Quality Assurance SQM (she/her)

Dallis Sergio, Research Associate II (she/her)

Matthew Johnson, Group Leader, Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research (he/him)

Linnea Herzog, Postdoctoral Associate (she/her)

Angela Zaino, Research Scientist (she/her)

Leyla Tarhan, Product Manager (she/her)

Rachel Newmiller, Project Manager, Genomic Center for Infectious Diseases (she/her)

Nathaniel Garry, Research Associate (he/him)

Catherine Carter, Customer Support

Julianna Fernandez, Program Coordinator, Early Career Researchers (she/her/hers)

Corin Bolles, Project Manager (She / Her)

Thomas Ulrich, Associate Director, Science Communications (he/him)

Christina Cuomo, Institute Scientist; Associate Director, Genomic Center for Infectious Diseases

Eunice Cho, Postdoctoral Associate (she/her)

Tamar Melman, Ph.D.; Computational Scientist, Data Sciences Platform (she/they)

Colin Garvie, Principal Research Scientist, Group Leader (he/him)

Amanda Lukens, Senior Research Scientist, Infectious Disease and Microbiome Program (she/her)

Ross Swofford, Senior Research Associate (he/him)

Ainsley Jackson, Process Development Associate (she/her)

Christopher Jacobs, Associated Scientist (he/him)

Zsofia Szegletes (she/her)

Madison Liistro (she/her)

Matthew Bemis, Senior Software Engineer (he/him)

Gene Leshinsky, Principal Recruiter (he/him)

Abby McGee, Research Associate (she/her)

Jeffrey Geronimo, Product Support Specialist 

Elizabeth Kiernan, Ph.D., Senior Science Writer (she/her)

Ariel Carmeli, Biomedical Informatics Researcher (he/him)

Jorge Melendez Finance Coordinator (he/him)

Janet Gainer-Dewar, Principal Software Engineer (she/her)

Giana Frongillo, Research Associate II (she/her) 

Ryn Winner, Clinical Process Development Associate (she/they)

Farzaneh Khajouei, Computational Scientist (she/her)

Susie Weisenburger, Manager, ORSP Strategic Operations (she/her)

Emily Luu (she/her)

Khalid Shakir (he/him)

Naychelle Gandia, Project Manager (she/her)

Alham Saadat, Associate Director Scientific Equity (she/her)

Christina Kourkoulis (she/her), Director of Operations

Katherine Siddle (she/her) Research Scientist. 

Alexander Wenzel (he/him), Visiting Graduate Student - Cancer Informatics Program

Grace VanNoy, Senior Clinical Genomics Specialist (she/her)

Cai McCann, Research Associate (she/her)

Oliver Ruebenacker, Senior Software Engineer (he)

Lauren Witzgall, Administrative Assistant (she/her)

Allison Roach, Operations Lead (she/her)

David Cameron, Director of communications and media relations (he/him)

Elana Anastasio, Associate Director, Count Me In (she/her)

Audrey Griffith, Research Associate (she/her)

James Clifton, Ph.D. (he/him)

Natalie Clark, Computational Scientist (she/her)

Alexandre Lussier, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Fellow (he/him)

Brian Mangilog, Clinical Genomics Senior Coordinator (he/him)

Mudra Hegde, Senior Computational Associate (she/her)

Rameen Beroukhim, Associate Member, Broad, and Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard

Meagan Olive, Graduate Student (she/her)

Bridget O’Donnell, Administrative Assistant (she/her)

Kristianna Post, Program Director (she/her)

Emma Walker, Project Manager (she/her)

Timothy Audam, Research Scientist (he/him)

Naema Nayyar, PhD Candidate (she/her)

Morgan Fleishman, Senior Research Associate II (she/her)

Glen Munson, Research Associate III (he/him)

Katie Karatzas, Sr. UX Designer (she/her)

Diane Hirshon,  Senior Administrative Assistant (she/her)

Kristina Tracy, Senior Project Manager (she/her)

David Morse, Security  (he/him)

Gina Vicente, Senior Manager (she/her)

Alexis Caulier, MD, PhD, Research Fellow (He/Him)

Katie McManus, Process Development Texhnician, (She/Her)

Quinn McVeigh, Research Associate (she/her)

Toni Delorey, PhD, Associate Director of Technology, Klarman Cell Observatory (she/her)

Erin Schoenbeck, Research Associate (she/her)

David Li, Undergraduate Student (he/him)

Kelsea Chang, Associated Researcher (she/her)

Catherine Liu, Graduate Student (she/her)

Asad Lodhia, EWSC Intern (he/his)

Jason Lam, Clinical Laboratory Process Development Associate (he/him)

Trevor Atkeson, Research Associate (he/him)

Alex Wilson, Project Coordinator (he/him)

Megan Paré, Agile Lead (she/her)

Elena Puccio, Research Associate (she/her)

Victoria Madigan, Postdoc (she/her)

Rumya Raghavan, Graduate Student (she/her)

Dani Chamberland, Associate Director of Engineering, Data Sciences Platform (she/her)

Mark Tomko, Principal Software Engineer, Genetic Perturbation Platform (he/him)

Suzanne Jacobs, Institute Scientist (she/her)

Bryan Song, Postdoctoral Associate (he/him)

Mary McGillicuddy, Clinical Project Manager II, Count Me In (she/her)

Sophie Korgitzsch, Visiting Scholar (she/her)

Shadi Zaheri,  Visiting Graduate Student, Data Sciences Platform (she/her)

Kat DeRuff, Senior Science Project Coordinator (she/her)

Michael Doron, Postdoctoral Associate (he/him)

Jonathan Phanord (he/him)

Rachel Klahr, Director of Payroll Services (she/her)

Mark Young, Computational Associate (he/him)

Devon Brown, Research Associate (they/them)

Sarah Wang, Research Associate (she/her)

Katie Larsson, Senior Project Manager (she/her)

Heather O’Sullivan, People Operations Manager (she/her)

Colleen Hurley, Process Development Associate II (she/her)

Dilnar Mahmut, Research Assistant II (she/her)

Yenarae Lee, Supervisor, Laboratory Operations (she/her)

Hannah Malone, Supervisor, Recruiting Operations (She/her)

Nora Renthal, MD, PhD, Instructor in Pediatric Endocrinology

Molly Kemball, MPH, MD Candidate (she/her)

Christina Roberts, Principal Software Engineer, Data Sciences Platform (she/her)

Elena Longhi, Research Scientist II, Center for Development of Therapeutics (she/her)

Joseph R Knott II, Sr Payroll Analyst (he/him/his)

Adina Shanholtz, Visiting Scientist (she/her)

Lois Doolittle (she/her)

Lin Rogers, Process Development Technician (he/him)

Jahanara Freedman, Research Associate II Cleary Lab (she/they)

Dennie Frederick, Senior Lab Manager / Research Scientist (she/they)

Joel Hirschhorn, Institute Member/Chief of Endocrinology (he/him)

Joseph McGaunn, Research Associate I (he/him)

David Foisy, Logistics Coordinator (he/him)

Sheli McDonough, Project Manager II (she/her)

Morgan Sheng (he/him)

Jocelyn McElrath, Engagement and Operations Specialist|Cancer Program, (she/her)

Maisha M. Chowdhury, Research Associate I (she/they)

Todd Golub, Institute Director (he/him)

Stephen Fleming, Machine Learning Scientist II (he/him)

Roeshana Moore-Evans, Senior Advisor, (she/her)

Casey Keyes, Sr Research Associate III (she/her)

Karen Morano, Sr. Project Manager (she/her)

Holly Soutter (she/her), Director in the Center for the Development of Therapeutics

Mia Yee-Komai, Senior WorkLife and Wellbeing Coordinator (she/hers)

Cathy Forest, Director of Operations, Center for the Development of Therapeutics

Siobhan Donovan, Process Development Associate (any pronouns)

Whitney Dodds, Associate Director, Compliance Strategy and COI Management (she/her)

Jessica Macaulay, Supervisor, Direct Procurement (she/her)

Nicole Weekes, Senior People Partner (she/her)

Stephanie DiTroia, Clinical Genomic Variant Analyst (she/her)

Connor Anderson, Process Development Technician (he/they)

Eleanor Young, Research Associate 

Gabrielle Gionet, Research Coordinator (she/her)

Emme Handy, Senior Advisor to the Chief Operating Officer (she/her)

Will Hawkins, Research Associate (he/him)

Donielle Buie, Director, Broadie Experience and Total Rewards

Brittany Petros, Graduate Student (she/her)

J.T Neal, Senior Group Leader (he/him)

Gage Moreno, Postdoctoral Associate (he/him)

Christina Arecy, Community Engagement Specialist (she/her)

Mark Fleharty, Associate Director, Translational Analysis (he/him)

Tien Nguyen, Research Associate II (he/him)

Junko Tsuji, Computational Scientist (she/her)

Sam Wiseman, Software Engineer (he/him)

Jon Arizti Sanz, Graduate Student (he/him)

Gordon Adams, Program Manager (he/him)

Benjamin Peters, Research Associate (he/him)

Nathan Miller, Research Associate (he/him)

Lily Chylek, Science Writer (she/her)

Tan Lam, Senior Financial Analyst (he/him)

Florence Wagner, Associate Director (she/her)

John Scira, Product Support Engineer(he/him)

Aviad Tsherniak, Scientific Advisor (he/him)

Anahita Vieira, Senior Science Writer (she/her)

Marzieh Mirhashemi, Research Scientist (she/her)

Katie Weidmann, People Operations Coordinator (she/her)

Stacey Donnelly, Senior Director, Strategic Operations (she/her)

Mary Louton, Senior Immigration Specialist (she/her/hers)

Ameeta Nath, People Partner (she/her)

Rena Huynh, Team Leader, Research Finance (she/her)

Angelina Choy, Research Associate II (she/her)

Aja List, Clinical Process Development Associate (they/she)

John Navarro, Associate Computational Biologist (he/him)

Katherine Chao, Senior Associate Computational Scientist (she/her)

Stephanie Hoyt, Associate Computational Biologist (she/her)

Stephanie Tang, Research Associate (she/her)

Nicolas Lapique, Postdoctoral Associate (he/him)

Faye Reagan, Process Development Associate I (she/her)

Kerry Pierce, Research Scientist (she/her)

Agatha Almunir (she/her)

Julie Gambill, Clinical Laboratory Process Development Associate II (they/them)

Hayden Metsky, Group Leader (he/him)

Abigail Chase, Clinical Laboratory Process Development Associate I (she/her)

Nicole Bolliger, Solutions Architect (she/her)

Shannon Humphreys, Project Manager, Communications (she/her)

Peter Trefry, Clinical Lab Manager, (he/him)

Rebecca Ledford, Operations Coordinator (she/her)

Nicolas Bray, Postdoctoral Scientist (he/him)

Mollie Morg, Operations Coordinator (she/her)

Peter Santos (he/him)

Kristen Zarrelli, Associate Director (she/her)

Jessie Davis, Graduate Student (she/her)

Nicole Welch, Graduate Student (she/her)

Margaret LeMaitre, Project Coordinator (she/her)

Abigail Manson, Computational Group Leader (she/her)

Michael S. Lawrence, Computational Group Leader (he/him)

Danielle M. Hada, Process Development Technician (she/he/they)

Gordon Saksena, Software Engineer (he/him)

Bailey M. Benson, Process Development Technician (she/her)

Julia Ostmann, GA4GH Science Writer (she/her)

Kim Lagerborg, Graduate Student (she/her)

Dominique Potin, Principal Research Scientist (he/him)

Ed McBride, Senior Project Manager (he/him)

Josh Gonzalez, Process Development Technician

Benjamin Griffin, Accessioning Technician

Nicole Maupin, Sr. Coordinator, Recruiting Operations

Sergio Heli Triana Sierra, Postodoctoral associate (he/him)

Natalia Fuentes, Undergraduate Student (she/they)

Rebecca Holden, PhD, Postdoctoral associate (she/they)

Joel Thibault, Senior Software Engineer (he/him)

Sarah Wessel, Software Engineer (she/her)

Morgane Ciot, Senior Software Engineer (she/her)

Mateusz Antoszewski, Postdoctoral Scholar (he/him)

Eugene Wong, Research Associate/Genetic Counselor (he/him)

Gowtham Thakku, PhD Candidate, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (he/him)

Gabi Gionet, Project Coordinator

Ruth Baylis, Senior People Partner (she/her/hers)

Emily May, Software Engineer, DSP DevOps (she/her)

Erin Weisbart, Computational Scientist II, Cimini Lab, Imaging Platform (she/her)

Morgan Childs, Senior People Analyst, People Insights (she/her/hers)

Yaimani Rivera, Senior Administrative Assistant (she/her/hers)

Anitta Namanya, Principal Information Security Engineer she/her(s)

Emilia Favuzzi, Fishell Lab

Dan Shore, Chief Financial Officer (he/him)

Rachael Barzey, Senior Research Financial Specialist (she/her/hers/them/theirs)

Evan Bernstein, Software Engineering Manager (he/him)

Emma Stickgold, Operations Specialist (she/her)

Grace Cashman, Senior Director, Office for Sponsored Research (she/her/hers)
Nihal Pai, Software Engineer (he/him)

Rose Circeo, Senior Front End Web Developer (she/her)