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News and Announcements

Announcements / 02.04.21
The Broad Institute has resumed most onsite scientific operations. Broadies who can do all or some of their work remotely are doing so, and Broadies working onsite are adhering to health and safety protocols that include regular COVID-19 testing and self-monitoring, physical distancing, and use of... read more
Announcements / 01.29.21
Science for all Seasons with Elinor Karlsson and Diane Genereux"Clarity from comparison: How other animals' genomes illuminate our own" Watch a recording:   The human genome is huge — more than three billion As, Cs, Ts, and Gs strung together and packaged into 23 chromosomes. But even with the... read more
Announcements / 01.07.21
What days do we have off again? When are our meeting-free weeks? And what about those extra days off we’re getting this year? Download the handy Broad holiday calendar 2021 calendar so you never have to ask yourself those questions again!   */ Download (8.5"x11") Download a table tent... read more
Announcements / 01.06.21
Security, building access, and visitors To help us monitor and limit building density, please note the following about entering and exiting 415 Main and the Stanley Building: All Broadies will need to enter at the main entrance of 415 Main or the Stanley Building and pass by the security desk.... read more
COVID self-testing
Announcements / 01.04.21
Post-holiday testing policy, in effect for the two weeks after the holiday break (January 4–January 15, 2021): Before your initial return to onsite work you must test at Broad, at the 415 Main auditorium, within the prior 48 hours and wait offsite for a negative result. This policy does not apply... read more
Announcements / 12.16.20
There is a winter storm projected in the Boston area from Wednesday, December 16 - Thursday, December 17. We will be open, but we recognize that travel conditions will likely be difficult during the morning commute. Please reach out to your manager if you need to come in late or work from home... read more