For all Broadies

  • Testing: Testing is optional beginning Monday, October 3.
    • If you have tested positive please follow the guidelines here
    • If you are close contact please follow the guidelines here.
  • Free antigen tests: Broadies can pick up at-home rapid antigen test kits free of charge in Olympus (the Merkin Building testing site) during staffed testing hours between Monday, October 31-Friday, November 4 and Monday, December 5-Friday, December 9. For Broadies planning to attend the Retreat, we suggest picking up a test the first week in December and testing yourself before you head out to the Hynes.

  • Vaccine & booster: All Broadies must be vaccinated and boosted.
  • Masks: Masking is strongly recommended when you're inside, but is not required. Surgical masks and KN95 respirators are available in the lobbies of the Merkin and Stanley Buildings as well as at 320 Charles and at the 105 Broadway BITStop.

Travel need-to-knows

  • Please follow CDC guidelines whenever you travel, and, if you’re traveling internationally, register your travel via International SOS as you typically would. See the Travel Intranet page for more details.

Building access and visitors

Other tidbits

The Way We Work (TW3)

  • See the TW3 Intranet site for information about Broad’s plans for our new ways of working.

Questions? Write to or check out the FAQs

For their own safety and the safety of others, Broadies must adhere to all of the protocols for a safe workplace, including those governing any current COVID-related policies. See Broad’s guidelines for how to report an ethics, compliance, or policy violation.