Announcements / 06.10.21
Congratulations to the Staff Scientist Distinction Awards recipients!

Congratulations to the inaugural recipients of the Staff Scientist Distinction Awards, which was established in 2020 to highlight the efforts and contributions of Staff Scientists across the Broad.


Staff Scientist Distinction Awards

In an effort to improve recognition within the staff scientist community, the SSDC established the Staff Scientist Distinction Awards in 2020. These awards highlight the efforts and contributions of Staff Scientists across the Broad by allowing peers to nominate their colleagues into four categories: Scientific excellence, Mentoring and Management, Collaboration, and Service to Broad. A panel of Staff Scientists from across the organization carefully reviews each nomination and selects awardees for each category where they are recognized for their contributions at the Staff Scientist retreat.

Scientific excellence

Xiaoyun Wu - Cancer Program
Francois Aguet - Cancer Program
Chuck Epstein - Epigenomics
Raghav Avasthi - IDMP
Orr Ashenberg - KCL
Ofir Cohen - Cancer Program
Thulasi Warrier - IDMP

Mentoring and management

Brian Chamberlain - CDoT
Hasmik Keshishian - Proteomics platform
Guillaume Poncet-Montange - CDoT
Daniel Park - IDMP


Brett Tomson - Count Me In/Cancer Program

Maria Alimova - CDoT

Namrata Udeshi - Proteomics platform

Donald Raymond - CDoT

Simin Li - CDoT


Service to Broad

Ran Cui - Medical and Population Genetics

Matthew Ranaghan - CDoT