Announcements / 05.4.21

For Broadies working onsite

This page contains guidance and updates for Broadies who are reporting to work onsite, as well as guidance on sponsorship and scientific services.

Security, building access, and visitors

To help us monitor and limit building density, please note the following about entering and exiting 415 Main and the Stanley Building:

  • All Broadies will need to enter at the main entrance of 415 Main or the Stanley Building and pass by the security desk. 

  • Upon routine exiting from either building, Broadies will need to swipe their badges at a dedicated exit card reader in the lobby. In case of an emergency, Broadies should leave the building as quickly as possible via the nearest emergency exit and not detour or delay exiting in order to badge out.

Essential visitor form: Visitors are limited to those critical to operations only, and the same travel restrictions and safety protocols that currently apply to Broadies also apply to all visitors. Please do not bring family members, friends, or other non-essential visitors into the building with you. If you are hosting an essential service technician or vendor, or another essential individual or group, complete this Google Form to get your visitor approved by 3:00 p.m. at least one business day before the visit.

[Link to updated Security announcement TK]

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Parking and transportation

We recommend that any Broadies who work onsite commute by walking, biking, or driving alone (or with household members). When this is not possible, please consult these guidelines on alternative transportation options.

Parking is available for free upon request by any Broadie working onsite. 

  • If you need to stop by the Broad for a quick errand or if you work onsite occasionally (less that one day per week, on average), park in the Green Garage. Learn more here.

Many Broadies are working evening and weekend shifts. Although we have no specific concerns about safety in the parking facilities or our neighborhood, it's always a good idea to be vigilant, especially when you're arriving or departing in the dark or alone. Here are some tips from Broad Security about commuting safely. 

This is a great time to try commuting by bicycle. If you have questions about cycling but aren’t sure where to start, a Broad Bike Ambassador can help.


See also:  May I modify my start and end times to avoid crowds?


Onsite meeting & room guidance

Full list of available bookable and dropdown rooms, including single-occupancy rooms — be sure to check the tabs, updated May 3, 2021.

To book a room, reserve it as you typically would in Google Calendar, and please:

  1. Follow the posted occupancy guidelines for all rooms.
  2. Do not book these rooms for recurring meetings.
  3. Clean up before you leave.

For onsite/hybrid meetings

Onsite-only with 2-3 people: Use individual offices, soft seating areas, or see this list of available rooms (be sure to check the tabs).

Onsite/hybrid with 3-10 onsite people: Currently, we are allowing limited onsite meetings in the following rooms:

Name Location Max capacity Additional info
Small Patio 75A - 2 15 Email Events to book
Galapagos 75A - 5001 5 Hybrid enabled
Serengeti 75A - 6000 6  
Sequoia 75A - 6031 4  
Kalahari 75A - 8031 4  
Yellowstone 75A - 2001 10  
Glacier 75A - 9031 4  
Everglades 75A - 10031 4  
Monadnock 415M - 2040 10 Hybrid enabled
Everest 415M - 7001 4  
Aegean 320C - 2223 4  
Tahiti 105B - 301 6  
Madagascar 105B - 504 8  

After the meeting, provide your feedback to BITS via this Google form.

  • In-person attendance must be voluntary and organizers must create a virtual option for those who don't want, or are unable, to attend in person. Organizers must also have a fully remote back-up option. 
    • See BITS guidance for how to set up a hybrid meeting.
    • If you need additional A/V support, please contact BITS. Submit your request at least one week in advance. 
  • Do not change the room configuration, and use the podium microphone for all speakers.
  • Organizers are responsible for ensuring that the meeting space is clean before and after use; cleaning supplies are provided in each conference room.
  • A list of onsite participants must be maintained by the event organizer.

Eating while onsite

Please try to limit your need to eat onsite. If you do need to eat while onsite:

  • If you are eating indoors, eat alone in an enclosed space (an office, small conference room, or huddle room) with the door closed. This means no one else should be in the same room, even if they are six feet away. If you need help finding a space to eat in, please talk to your Quarterback. 
    • Wipe down all surfaces before and after eating. Please make sure to leave all spaces as you found them and refrain from moving furniture or Broadies' personal belongings.
    • Open spaces and large conference rooms will still be available for Broadies to work and to use for touchdown space but eating will no longer be permitted in these areas.
  • If you are eating outdoors, it’s all right to eat and socialize with others, as long as you remain six feet apart and wear a mask when you are not actively eating or drinking. 
  • When you’re drinking a beverage inside, it’s OK to pull your mask down briefly to take a sip, even with others nearby, but please don’t ever take your mask off entirely.
  • Stagger your meal, snack, and coffee breaks within your team, and try to keep your meal breaks brief.
  • Try to bring your own food, and do not share food. If you must order food from an outside vendor, VESTER and Dumpling Daughter are allowed to contact-free deliver to the 75 Ames lobby. If you order other food, you will need to arrange for a no-contact or curbside delivery.
  • We urge Broadies not to go out to eat together during or after work if physical distancing isn’t possible. If you eat within six feet of someone else for more than 15 minutes total during a 24-hour period, you would be considered a close contact if they were to test positive over the next few days.  Close contacts will be required to quarantine.
  • Always wash your hands before and after eating and wipe down surfaces before and after eating.
  • If using equipment in the kitchens, break rooms, or vending machines, remember that these are high-touch areas. Please wash hands before using and clean surfaces when you are finished; before returning to your designated work area, re-wash your hands.



The BITStop at 75 Ames is open by appointment only. The BITStops at 320 Charles and 105 Broadway remain temporarily closed. Here's how to contact BITS.


Health, caregiving, and other concerns

If you have concerns about returning to onsite work and your work can be done remotely, continue to do so. If your work requires you to be onsite, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with your manager and develop a shared set of expectations. You can also reach out to your HR Partner and BroadLife to discuss and problem-solve. At the end of the day we recognize that everyone has different challenges and we are in a time of great uncertainty; the Broad is committed to working with individuals to find the right path forward.

Please also see BroadLife’s Intranet page for information on Broad’s many caregiving resources.


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