Please note that The Broad Institute does not provide verbal employment verifications of any kind.


For outside organizations seeking employment verification (including mortgage lenders and background screening companies)

Broad uses The Work Number for external-party employment verifications. Please visit the site and provide the employer code: ER 27439 to complete your request. The Work Number is updated on a daily basis. All salary and pay related information is based on the most recent completed payment date of the employee. 

If you require more updated information that cannot be provided by The Work Number, please email with a signed release and/or borrower’s authorization form. Once the form is received, the employment verification will be completed within one business day.

If an employment verification request form and signed release and/or borrower’s authorization form are both available through a third party site, please send an email with the secure site link to


For Broad employees

Broad employees can request an employment verification letter in Workday. The PDF letter will provide your job title, dates of employment, and salary if needed. 

  1. Log in to Workday.

  2. Click on the cloud icon on the top right corner.

  3. Select "View Profile" (directly under your name).

  4. Under your name and title, select "Actions".

  5. Scroll down to “Worker Request” and select “Request Reference Letter”.

  6. From the dropdown menu on the next page, select “Employment verification letter”.


Agency temps

If you are an agency temp, employment verification requests should be sent directly to your agency. The Broad cannot verify your employment.


Unpaid affiliates

The HR Operations team can create an employment verification letter that provides the dates of affiliation and job title. If your employment verification requires further information, contact your manager or HR Partner. 


Letter of Employment for visa purposes or green card application

If you need a letter of employment verification that requests specific information, please email so that the team can best assist you.

Employment Verification