Employees and their families have a choice of three comprehensive BCBS health plans, including a health maintenance organizations (HMO), a preferred provider organization (PPO), and a high deductible PPO. Each of the Broad’s Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans also include pharmacy benefits. While the Broad subsidizes a portion of the medical premium cost, you also contribute to the cost of your coverage with your pre-tax dollars.

If you are not sure which plan is right for you, check out our Plan Comparison Tool or watch a video overview of our plans to help you decide. 



All benefits-eligible employees as defined here are eligible.


Eligible Dependents

These plans cover spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children up to age 26.


How to Enroll

New hires have 30 days from their date of hire to complete their enrollment in the benefits program. There is an annual open enrollment in the fall of each year during which time you can make benefit plan changes for the upcoming year. You may change your benefit selections outside of annual open enrollment due to Qualifying Life Event changes, which are described here