Beginning in the spring of 2019, members of Broad’s Communications and Development teams have been investigating the scope, audience, and feasibility of launching a comprehensive historical and community archive of the Broad Institute. On the recommendation of an external archival consultant, Winthrop Group, and the onset of the unique global events of 2020, the initiative was broken into several phases, the first focused on COVID-19.
Members of the public and the scientific community, including future Broadies, will want to understand how the Broad responded -- and helped the world respond -- to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to recording and preserving existing interviews, research, and media, we allow a future audience to deepen their understanding of and engagement with the current moment by collecting first-hand, original accounts from the individuals who shaped this moment. This kind of a COVID-19 archiving project will help us collect and record the Broad community’s perspectives, lived experiences, learnings, innovative approaches, scientific impact, organizational practices, and responses to this crisis.


Project Contacts

Project Lead

Namrata Sengupta
Associate Director, Scientific Public Engagement and Broad Discovery Center


Project Administrator

A. Nora Long
Operations Specialist,
Community Engagement
Project Sponsors

Lee McGuire
Chief Communications Officer

Priya McCue
Senior Director of Development
COVID-19 Oral History Project