What we do

  • We publish the BroadCast, a weekly internal newsletter, and create and curate content for the Broad Intranet, Slack, the electronic bulletin, and the Calendar of Events. (See our Guide to Internal Publicity to learn more about these.)
  • We develop multi-channel internal campaigns to communicate internal news of major institutional importance, providing writing, editing, graphic design, and web services. (See: How to partner with us.)
  • We also provide resources and guidance for crafting your own internal communications. (See our Guide to Internal Publicity.)


Get in touch with us if you…

  • Have a message to communicate to a general Broad audience about:
    • An upcoming internal event, service interruption, or deadline.
    • A change to a policy or procedure, or user interface that will affect a significant number of Broadies.
    • A service or tool that your group provides, or work your group is doing that could benefit other Broadies.
  • Have a message to communicate about a non-work-related topic or a topic that is relevant to a smaller audience, but aren’t sure how to do it.
  • Want to submit an item for the BroadCast.

Team members

Jennifer Anderson (she/her)
Director, Institutional Communications

Alana Folsom (she/her) 
Senior Specialist, Internal Communications

The BroadCast Team
Jennifer Anderson (she/her)
David Cameron (he/him)
Allessandra DiCorato (she/her)
Allison Dougherty (she/her)
Leah Eisenstadt (she/her)
Alana Folsom (she/her) 
Corie Lok (she/her)
Namrata Sengupta (she/her)
Tom Ulrich (he/him)
Alex Viveros
Karen Zusi-Tran (she/her)