The SSDC aims to promote institute-wide professional development practices for scientific staff that allows the Broad community to attract, develop, and retain the best talent and to foster initiatives in support of this aim.

Specific goals include:

  • Engage with Broad senior leadership and human resources to define roles, career development options, and support structures for the staff scientist community
  • Provide support resources for the staff scientist community (e.g. orientation materials, Broad Institute job matrix, searchable list of staff scientist expertise)
  • Increase individual staff scientist visibility and recognition (e.g. online biosketches, retreat)
  • Sponsor career development workshops (e.g. management, communication)
  • Organize and host networking activities and related events; connect people (e.g., lunches, social hours)
  • Provide platforms for presenting work and accomplishments to the wider community
  • Periodically survey our community to assess needs (e.g., online polls, focus groups)
  • Engage with other affinity groups at the Broad to achieve common goals and connect professional communities (e.g. through joint seminars and socials)



The Broad makes staff development a top priority. In 2010, the Management Committee assembled a development group of junior and senior staff scientists to give attention to the needs of the more than 200 staff scientists at the Broad, who were charting new territory in terms of research and career path.

This Staff Scientist Development Committee (SSDC) partners with the Office of Academic Affairs and Human Resources to explore and address the career development needs of PhD level scientists at the Broad, as well as the larger Broad community, under an initiative called Broad Staff Scientists. Since its inception, the SSDC has worked with Broad leadership to launch major initiatives and has generated a portfolio of engagement activities to strengthen the staff scientist community and increase awareness of what’s happening at an institutional level.


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We have established an email list for professional staff scientists at the Broad. Sign up if you would like to be added to the list.